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One of the most desirable villages in the Andalusian coast for its unspoiled scenery, pristine beaches and golden sand, its people and its gastronomy .... is Zahara, with charm Cadiz white villages and the maritime feel of the Costa de la Luz.

In the neighborhood of Zapal can lose by small streets leading to the beach and where time seems to stand still. Cast nets on the walls, the smell of stews involving tourists strolling calmly. Captures people's attention too, the old Chanca (today known as The Wall), where work related to the tuna were made.

Located in a privileged enclave of the Cadiz coast, this small town known for its charms for centuries civilizations have attracted tourists and visitors.

At the foot of the Sierra del Retin and the mouth of the Cachon River, the Atlantic Ocean washes its rugged coastline and virtually untouched beaches.

Barbate borders and the ancient city of Tarifa, being just 73 kilometers from Cadiz, capital of the province and 177 kilometers from Seville.

This beautiful situation in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar, makes you enjoy a Mediterranean climate of mild temperatures, which becomes an invitation to visit Zahara in any season.

Throughout the year Zahara has a population of about 1,300 inhabitants, although this figure changed much over the months and during holiday periods may reach 30,000 in the summer. This is due to the good hotels and tourist accommodation offers Zahara offer.

One of the attractions of the towns that make up the coastline of Cadiz and its beaches are just not interesting only for the supply of sun, unspoilt fine sand and crystalline waters that reflect light, this is not in vain Costa de la Luz, in case light, but also for its people, its environment and multitude of charms that make the experience truly unforgettable visit.

Another attraction of this small town whose foundation is its cuisine revolves around meat and tuna Retinto trap, ancient tuna fishing in the Mediterranean and the Strait art. You can taste typical local dishes in the bars, pubs and restaurants in the village in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Zahara is a beautiful gem and an excellent example of Cadiz coast with all its attractions and none of the drawbacks. There are eight kilometers of fine sand and clear waters, from the village of Zahara own to Cape Grace, covering many beaches where the green vegetation that surrounds it merges with the blue sea.

Zahara Beaches

One of the most pristine beaches of our country is precisely and unquestionably, the beach of Zahara. These eight kilometers of coastline, enjoy a special mild climate, which makes them ideal for practicing sports with the sea as the protagonist, but also to enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world, walks both on foot and on horseback and many activities that will delight visitors and tourists from anywhere, here especially welcome.

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La Playa de Zahara is one of the best valued to Spanish and even European level for its crystalline waters and fine sand. The days of lift are synonymous with calm and safe waters, ideal for water sports in the marine channel qualified to do so. Zahara beach holds the Blue Flag so the clean waters and sand is virtually guaranteed.

If we were to define two words that we find in any of the beaches of Zahara with names such as the Beach Germans, literary reminiscences, has a special charm because at one end Camarinal Lighthouse and the other a former military bunker is located, the Cañuelo of rugged beauty and the beach Atlanterra that although surrounded by developments, still retains that virginal charm which stands out as a beautiful gift, the words would be wild beauty.


This area is distinguished by a diverse tourism, as with young people looking for fun and water sports, we can also find families with children who enjoy other activities. This has been a unique and very diverse, which has contributed more if possible to make attractive stay in this place. This is facilitated by the high quality of their services and the fact of not being particularly crowded beaches, with low occupancy, which makes them a good choice for those seeking tranquility and enjoy. Also, significantly in recent years, some of its corners have been chosen for those who practice nudism, marked corners and away from prying eyes.

Zahara is one of those beautiful villages of coast where any activity that is done is an unforgettable experience, not only for the physical space where it is, instead of singular beauty and tranquility, but also for the many charms that are made our power and goodness and availability of people.

One of the most recommendable experience is to walk along its streets with white and flirty eyes open not to lose anything, because any view, however insignificant it may seem, it never is, is a treasure for our senses. What can be seen in Zahara? Give some recommendations, because, as happens in many other places, it is impossible for many reasons, especially space, recommending everything you can see.

A walk through the village

The same people, as we said before, it is a pleasure to the eye itself. Let us lose our steps, in the best sense of the word, by the city, we will give us incredible views including passenger contemplation which for centuries has never abandoned Zahara, namely the sea. That blue sea, crystal clear waters and fine golden sand transports us without moving from place to place unusually quiet.

But to be beautiful, Zahara is more than sea. Its centuries of history have given a monumental and historical heritage that is essential to a tour of the city. One of the most important milestones in our visit is the castle and the remains of its walls. Although it is not in very good condition, still he speaks of the glorious past of the town and is an interesting place to know more about the history of Zahara place. Nor can we overlook the Church of Our Lady of Carmen, interesting city church history quite well.

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